A clever way to finance key business assets

Our asset finance loan facility is designed to enable you to acquire moveable assets with ease. With this product, you can acquire an asset and use it as security for the facility. This product targets corporate customers, institutional customers, SME customers and individuals.

Our documentation is simple, straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The level of finance we grant allows you or your business to continue operation unhindered. In most cases this product will allow you to purchase vehicles, plants and equipment. We are also able to offer structured leasing solutions which enable you to make use of assets without having them on your balance sheet.

Developing your business with Asset Finance

We offer a range of flexible asset finance funding solutions, including, hire purchase, leasing and refinancing, that will allow you to purchase assets including new and second-hand commercial vehicles, plant and machinery, and construction equipment.

Asset finance is one of the fastest growing funding options in the market. In contrast to bank loans and overdrafts, our suite of products allows you to put the asset straight to work and keep your working capital intact.

Investing in capital assets allows businesses to grow. But it can be a significant drain on your company's working capital.

What assets can your business acquire?

Funding is available for key growth assets, such as:

    ◩    New and used vehicles (including buses and coaches)
        ◩    Printing machinery
            ◩    Construction equipment
                ◩    Engineering machinery
                    ◩    Office equipment
                        ◩    Medical equipment
                             ◩    Farm equipment

Benefits of Asset Finance

    It’s versatile - you can fund the purchase of a wide range of assets essential to your business.
    For example, new and used cars, coaches, light and heavy commercial vehicles, machinery and
    office equipment.

    It’s smart - aimed at businesses with sales in excess of $100,000. It is the smart way to finance
    the key assets you need to run and grow your business from your revenue.

    It’s prudent - you avoid paying cash outright for key growth assets. You can ease your cashflow
    through regular payments over an agreed period.

Our team of finance specialists will advise you of which of our asset finance products best suit your requirements, ensuring you have the right solution to help manage your cash flow and grow your business.

Contact us for further inquiry.


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