Liquidity management refers to the daily activities regarding controlling your cash flow and all resulting liquidity, interest and currency issues.

Pan African solutions

If you are looking for increased control of your cash position or want to maximise interest results by offsetting account balances, our liquidity management solutions will make your life easier. Our extensive network of offices throughout Africa and other continent allows us to offer you our local expertise and knowledge. Providing you with local and cross border liquidity management structures, with a full range of overlay services including cash balancing, pooling and netting.

Global solutions

We also offer global overlay solutions on top of your local bank infrastructure. As an independently operator, AfriPower Bank is one of the leading banks in the country to focus exclusively on liquidity and information management solutions for multinationals. You can achieve significant benefits by entrusting your global liquidity management processes to AfriPower Bank. We are well-known for our high-quality customised services. Our cash pooling, netting and exposure management tools allow you to maximise liquidity. We empower treasurers to make best use of their working capital; worldwide, multi-currency and multi-bank.

Customised to your company needs

We create robust liquidity management structures - both globally and locally - customised to your company’s needs.

◩   Optimise your global cash position
◩   Reduce interest costs
◩   Eliminate need for FX and swap transactions
◩   Control day to day cash management
◩   Overlay solutions on top of existing local bank infrastructure
◩   Multi-currency, multi-country, multi-bank
◩   Smooth implementation of liquidity strategy
◩   Extensive network and knowledgeable staff

Payments and collections

The exchange of money through payments and collections and insight in these processes via account reporting is simply fundamental to any business. Of course, payments become more complicated when dealing with large sums, time-sensitivity and when crossing borders. Therefore, whether your payments and collections are domestic or international, urgent or non-urgent, AfriPower Bank has the presence and proficiency your company needs to swiftly execute your payment and collection transactions and provide you with all necessary account reporting.

AfriPower Bank provides payment, collection and account reporting services for every purpose. This includes SEPA and all sorts of other payment solutions across the world such as domestic, cross-border, urgent and multi-currency.

Do your payment solutions enable you to generate sufficient liquidity? Our experienced product specialists can customise a payment solution to fit the exact needs of your company. For more detailed information please have a look at our products and services. Please get in touch and let us know how we can assist you.


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