AfriPower Bank savings account gives you peace of mind

No one can predict the future, which is why putting money aside for great adventures and unexpected situations is so important. Your savings accounts may fund a home, an education, retirement or healthcare needs. Whatever your reasons for saving, AfriPower Bank provides several different ways to help you save for the future.

Want to start your savings, but not sure what account might be best? Check out our savings account services to read more about the different kinds of savings accounts, strategies to get started, and tips on how to continue adding to your savings once you have.

Contact us with questions about any of these plans or visit a AfriPower Bank location near you.


◩   Money Market Investment Account
◩   Gold Money Market Account
◩   Select Money Market
◩   Select Plus Money Market


◩   CDs with terms from seven days to five years
◩   IRAs with deferred interest, all or part may be tax deductible


Our simplest, easiest savings plan; use this account to begin building your nest egg for future purchases and unexpected expenses.

◩   $50 minimum opening balance
◩   $200 or more balance means you pay no monthly service charge
◩   Use your balance to qualify for Premier Checking


If you’re over the age of 60, you can take advantage of this convenient savings account.

◩   $10 minimum to open
◩   No minimum monthly balance requirement
◩   Use your balance to qualify for Premier Checking


Earn interest at competitive market rates, and unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals.

◩   $50 minimum to open
◩   Requires a $5,000 daily balance to earn super saver rates and avoid monthly charges
◩   Tiered interest. The more you save, the more you earn


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