As your business goals and investment needs evolve, your financing needs may change as well. That is why you need a strategic banking partner with a diverse scope of financing expertise to guide you in your transactions - whether it is a merger or major acquisition, a complex refinancing, liability diversification, or restructuring. AfriPower Bank has the proven know-how to create and implement custom solutions for your corporate financing needs.

Providing strategic financing solutions is an integral part of AfriPower Bank’s service offering. In line with AfriPower Bank’s client-focused strategy, Capital Structuring & Advisory (CS&A) is a team of experienced financial specialists committed to pro-actively provide multi-product financing solutions to AfriPower Bank’s global corporate client base across industries. Drawing from the complete product offering AfriPower Bank is able to deliver, including syndicated financing, debt capital markets and equity(-linked) funding alternatives, structured lending, strategic risk management (financial hedging), and treasury services.

CS&A offers you support from beginning to end of a transaction - initiation, analysis, structuring and execution - with the goal to deliver to you an integrated financing solution. This approach requires the combination of comprehensive financial and business profile analysis, with a product neutral review of eligible funding alternatives and combinations. CS&A will align and co-ordinate the different product structuring and transaction approval processes within AfriPower Bank, resulting in a coherent, swift and integrated transaction execution process with clear communication lines. Projects can be executed with combined client/Bank transaction teams, whilst retaining strict confidentially where needed.

The multi-product corporate financing situations in which Capital Structuring & Advisory operates are typically linked to a financing requirement starting at USD 150m up to the large multi-billion deals. CS&A operates internationally and has dedicated teams on the ground in Africa and Europe

AfriPower Bank Capital Structuring & Advisory offers you full access to the comprehensive resources of global corporate banking business. So, why not contact us today and find out exactly how AfriPower Bank's Capital Structuring & Advisory team can bring value to your business.

AfriPower Bank’s CS&A global geographical scope across all industries

   Multi-product financing opportunities
   Asset-based lending
   Commercial term lending and syndicated finance
   Equity capital raising
   Private and public debt capital markets financing
   Financial markets risk management
   Credit rating advisory services


Providing strategic financing solutions is an integral part of our service offering. In line with our client-focused strategy, Capital Structuring & Advisory (CS&A) is a team of experienced financial specialists committed to...


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